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It started with a wonderful proposal in a remote Manitoba park - followed by exciting days of planning, and yes, the best day of our lives!


The only disappointment was, everywhere we went as we made our plans, vendors kept saying,"you know at your age ..."


And it was the same when we looked for ideas online, or in the library.




We thought: we're not ancient, we're not even remotely close to "senior," we just happen to be over 40.


So the idea was born, why not a website that says "Wow, what a wonderful idea, congratulations!"


And here it is, enjoy!





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June 3, 2016

Attitudes and Optimism

An acquaintance recently reminded me of the cynical saying regarding second weddings: they are the triumph of hope over experience.

I disagreed, so yes, I’m an optimistic, through and through.  I prefer the saying that our second love reminds us that love does exists, even after we thought it never could again!

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